Tejal Jhaveri Image and Stylist

Elegance is Timeless
Smile is Confidence
Beauty is Power
Smile is Confidence
Elegance is Timeless
Smile is Confidence
Beauty is Power
Smile is Confidence
As a fashion stylist and an image consultant, I am passionate about helping my clients project an influential, charismatic & stylist image in their personal & professional lives.

 Tejal Jhaveri

Your visual impact is your silent introduction to others. Research shows that you have 7 seconds to attract attention and leave a lasting impression. As a voice of style in these modern times, I strive to redefine people’s sense of style, thus redefining their lives.

Project a winning image in all aspects

Level up your confidence & self esteem

Achieve an unforgettable personality

Radiate professionalism and trustworthiness

TJ-200X200IMAGE - Project a winning image in all aspects
TJ-200X200IMAGE - Achieve an unforgettable personality
TJ-200X200IMAGE - Radiate professionalism and trustworthiness
TJ-200X200IMAGE - Level up your confidence

Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant

Personal Styling

Set Yourself Apart! With Me as Your Personal Stylist, you will be able to explore choices that you didn't think would suit you.

Custom and Collective wear

Ideas for every occasion. It’s not enough to just wear the costume or suit the theme but achieve the entire look from clothing to accessories, and more.

Personal development

I'm here to help you develop and improve your skills and expertise in a variety of areas, including styling

Dining etiquette

Making a positive impression at both lunch/dinner interviews and social business scenarios requires proper manners.

Beauty pageant

The most knowledgeable contestants; those who take home the crowns understand that their ability to explain themselves clearly and fluently

Image Consultations

A consultation during which we establish your attributes such as your body shape, body segments, face shape & all other body parts.

Holiday styling

It is always a good idea to make an appropriate style statement and the best way to do it is during a special event or holidays,

Wardrobe evaluation

We tend to buy a wardrobe that we are familiar with and then explore new ones. I could help you with the latest design and trends that will suit you better.

Personal shopping

In this service, you are welcome to accompany me, but if you are pressed for time I can go shopping on your behalf.

Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal skills are the foundation for successful professional and social relationships.


The right makeup for different occasions, from bridal to special events to model makeup.

Virtual Consultations

As a woman in a high-powered position, you are well aware that the image you project has a significant impact. With my virtual style service,

What My Clients Proclaim About Me

"As a stylist Tejal can understand what would look good on my body and also understand my comfort zone which would make me carry the outfits well. I’m highly impressed by Tejal Ma’am, her enthusiasm and her passion for her work was really showing results in all the days spent with her. Right from selecting clothes to step out of my comfort zone."
"My husband always thought I’m not at par with him and I’m too desi for him and he left me. But you changed my life so drastically that he is repenting every single day now. Now I have my own life, goals and a huge sky to wander confidently. Thanks Tejal for getting to this roller coaster turning point in my life."

"Hello, I had two coming trips which were both international and had a gap of 1 month so this gave me an opportunity to look for a stylist as I wanted to make the most of these two trips! That’s when I met Tejal Jhaveri-Wardrobe Enhancer, Personal Stylist and Personal shopper."


You are made to Be more & Do more.
Being good enough is not enough for you as being the best is not optional

So lets commence the journey to boost your confidence & self power.